99DIY Branding Project

Create Independent Brand—put your brand logo on your merchandise to create a personalized and professional look.
What Included in 99DIY Branding?
Want to build a brand for your Print On Demand products? we can help you customize label, hangtag, packing bag, scotch tape and gift card.
No minimum order quantity! Your great logo makes each package look formal and professional, also shows your brand more trustworthy.
99DIY Branding Pricing
There are two membership plans of the 99DIY Branding Project with attractive prices. For small order business owners, pay $29.9 and you can be a lifetime Junior member. And for owners with 20+ orders per day, you can submit an application to join the Senior membership plan. Once approved, five benefits are available. And the more you order, the less your average customization fee.
Custom label
Custom hangtag
Custom packing bag
Custom scotch tape
Custom gift card
Junior Membership
$29.90 / Lifetime
Senior Membership
$49.99 / Year
Build your brand identity
If you don’t have a set of your brands’ visual components, we’re here to help with that as well
Stand out from competitors
No matter which dropshipping niche you jump in, it’s inevitable to find that your competitors are selling the exact same products as you. Thankfully, branding your dropshipping business helps outperform the competition. Appealing business name, logo color, and branded packaging all can make your brands stand out.
Get more brand control
A brand is like a piece of white paper. Business owners write and draw on it to form your brand. Once you build it, you have absolute control over it. So, don’t hesitate to create a dropshipping store and sell branded products to start a small business now. With 99DIY Print on Demand drop shipping, you can customize a wide range of private label products with no minimum order quantity. We can also provide custom packaging boxes and gift cards to increase value perception and build brand loyalty.
Good branding guarantees high quality
Recent branding statistics present that consumers render purchasing branded products guarantees high quality. In other words, dropshipping with your logo and brand is prone to earn customer loyalty and a good reputation. Additionally, the strategy of eCommerce branding can help increase brand awareness. There are many ways available to build high brand recognition. It’s practicable to promote your dropshipping branding store through social media, digital advertising, influencer marketing, and much more.
Higher profit margins
Human beings are full of instinctive distrust or fear of unknown and unfamiliar people or things. Brands are the same for potential customers. They may worry about quality, customer service, and price problems for unfamiliar brands or white labeling products. Thankfully, branded products with well-known cognition can effectively solve the concerns of the target audience about risks.
Plus, branded products are worth high prices. Market research shows that 80% of customers are willing to pay a premium for branded products. Therefore, dropshipping branded products can generate more sales and bring large revenue in the long term.
Use 99DIY's branded business now
99diy is a Personalized print-on-demand & Dropshipping supplier. We help entrepreneurs, artists, small business owners, and influencers sell personalized products more easily by printing and drop-shipping them straight to their customers. Customize anything: Jewelry, Necklaces, Charms, Bracelets, Rings, Earrings, Contact Lens, t-shirts, shoes, leggings, bags, mugs, pet supplies, home decor, wall art, accessories, and personalized gifts.
You sell it, we handle the rest.
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