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What is Print-on-demand
Print on demand (POD) is an order fulfillment process in which order products are printed and drop shipping to customers immediately after the sale is completed. This means that store operators who take POD do not need to manage merchandise and inventory, but only need to be responsible for product sales and brand marketing. Operators can focus on brand operation, and spend no time on product inventory and order distribution. 99DIY will choose the production factory near the order to produce your order and complete the distribution.
Who can take Print-on-demand
Your large order can be directly handed over to us, the nearest production center will fulfill your orders, and complete the production and distribution links based on your order information. By leaving the work of managing inventory to us, you can focus more on brand marketing to expand corporate influence and help your product sales.
Personally brilliant ideas need to be executed? We exist just for you! Any of your designs can have its value on our products, just upload your design draft with a few clicks and we will produce your work. Especially we support one piece delivery! 99DIY to witness the birth process of your idea.
Small business owners
We add variety to your products. There are too many repetitive and boring products on the market. You can quickly design multiple products at 99DIY to create the differentiation of your products, which will attract more customers. Also don't have to spend time and energy on product management, inventory management and order fulfillment, we will fulfill everything after your sale is complete.
Have a need for mass-customized products for your followers? Surely we offer this service. For customization needs, you can choose from the clothes, canvas paintings, garden flags, etc. we provide. Simply add your logo to get products that are unique to your channel, which is very special and meaningful to your followers.
What products can be printed on demand on 99DIY
Men's Clothing
Women's Clothing
Home & Living
Phone Cases
99diy is a Personalized print-on-demand & Dropshipping supplier. We help entrepreneurs, artists, small business owners, and influencers sell personalized products more easily by printing and drop-shipping them straight to their customers. Customize anything: Jewelry, Necklaces, Charms, Bracelets, Rings, Earrings, Contact Lens, t-shirts, shoes, leggings, bags, mugs, pet supplies, home decor, wall art, accessories, and personalized gifts.
You sell it, we handle the rest.
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